About Heru

HERU Consulting is an independent clinical, research, and consulting practice that explores the lives of individuals, couples, and families (including children & adolescents) in a contemporary and historical cultural context.

With the belief that therapy is a space where healing and empowerment can occur, together, we will work to develop awareness and skills necessary to identify and act upon the interpersonal, familial, and socio political forces that’s influenced by your daily life. We begin to destigmatize symptoms and presenting problems; systematically deconstruct life stories; understand more deeply the intersections of race, culture, gender, spirituality, class and sexual orientation; and interrogate the misuse of power in relationships and larger systems.

Throughout the therapeutic process, we support clients to find solutions and address the daily stressors which impact their ability to function optimally. We will also work to resolve larger issues of trauma, various forms of abuse, grief and loss, domestic and community violence, and addictions.